Technical SEO Consultant

Trusted by, LeoVegas and It’s nice that.

You want someone with experience working on 100’s of websites.

Experience is great and all but so is keeping my knowledge as fresh as a daisy.

You want someone who can speak marketing and development.

I can go from waffling about technical SEO to waffling about a headless CMS stack.

You want someone you can trust who’s worked with some top brands.

Put aside your trust issues and join, SurferSEO & LeoVegas UK.

Liam, my website looks fine, do I even need Technical SEO?

Yes. Your website might look fine on your Motorola flip phone from 2005, but it’s time to upgrade your website (and your phone). If you’re hoping to convert customers with a website that takes two weeks to load and sports a design from 1992, we need to talk.

Liam brings a set of expert eyes to a project, and he’s someone who will hold you to account, push for higher evidence-based standards, layout strategies that cover SEO, user experience, marketing strategies, site optimisations and more. He also has your long term interests in mind – he leaves you in a better position, having passed on increased understanding and helping you lay out a clear plan for continual improvement into the future.

– Sune Nightingale,

My Services

Technical SEO

Is your website a bit wobbly? Do you feel like it needs to be improved but you’re not sure where to start?


Not sure where to click and why? Are you looking to improve your SEO beyond a plugin?

SEO Copywriting

Find your content a bit robotic? Would you sit down and enjoy reading your own content?

SEO Development

Fancy an all in one solution? Ready to start from scratch with a powerful website optimised from day one?