Technical SEO: It’s Not Just for Nerds

Liam Fallen

Technical SEO is not just for nerds!

If your website has excellent content but isn’t ranking well, there may be a technical issue.

This post will discuss technical SEO basics, how to make sure that your site has no technical problems and why it’s not just for nerds.

This blog post covers:

  • The basics of technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that a website is set up in such a way to be easily found by search engines. That also includes things like making sure the site loads quickly, using keywords effectively and more!

The Basics of Technical SEO

The basics include checking for issues with code, content quality, keyword density levels (% used), indexing, broken links, internal linking audit, backlink auditing, schema markup, canonicalisation issues, among others.

How does Technical SEO work?

Technical SEO improves how a website is crawled; it can also include performance optimisations to make your site load faster and user experience improvements.

The process starts with a crawl of a website, followed by an analysis to identify any issues that need fixing and changes required for better crawling and indexing in search engines like Google or Bing.

This is important when considering how well you rank on SERPs (search engine results pages).

It also includes performance optimisations, so your users don’t have trouble loading up your website.

What are the benefits of technical SEO?

The benefits of technical SEO are that it can help you rank higher on SERPs, which is essential for any business looking to attract more leads and increase sales.

It also helps to make your website faster and more user-friendly.

What are the drawbacks of technical SEO?

The drawback with this type of SEO is time – sometimes there’s a lot of time spent ensuring every aspect of a website is well optimised.

This might take some extra work, but if done right will pay off in dividends later down the road as search engine algorithms change over time. (which they often do).

What are the most common mistakes with technical SEO?

The most common mistakes made are not having a sitemap, not using hreflang tags for international sites and forgetting to update the robots.txt etc.

When you make any significant updates/changes that affect how search engines crawl through your website pages, it’s vital to do so with the assistance of a an SEO!

Why do you need technical SEO?

I’ve never audited a perfect website; there’s always a problem.

If you’re a business owner, it’s is essential because it helps search engines find your site and rank your pages, which means more traffic to the website and more opportunities to grow your business.

And even better news: there ARE some easy things businesses can do without needing specialised knowledge or tools, like putting your users first.

Do I have to be a nerd to learn Technical SEO?

No, you don’t have to be a nerd. it’s for everyone!

It’s not just about understanding the code and how it works – although that can help if your site has been developed using HTML, CSS & JS (most websites are these days).

There are some easy steps to take at first, and I encourage you to start with a tool like Screaming Frog or SEMrush.

Where can I start learning technical SEO?

You can start learning by reading this article.

You can also read my other blog posts, which are updated regularly with new information and tips for businesses owners to understand how their site performs in search engines (and what they need to do if it’s not).

Do I need to learn technical SEO if I’m an SEO?

No, you don’t need to if your job is solely related to the website’s on-page optimisation.

However, it can help understand how different aspects like site speed and crawl budget affect rankings in Google search results pages (SERPs).

It’s also good practice as an internet marketer or web developer because knowing about these things will improve user experience by making websites have faster loading times better optimised from both perspectives – SEO AND usability!

And that means more traffic coming through those doors.

So why not learn all there is to know?

Can I go to university to study technical SEO?

You don’t have to go to university to learn TSEO.

There are plenty of free resources online that can teach you the basics.

However, if your job is related to it, I would recommend getting some form of education or taking an introductory course about tech SEO.

As far as long term career prospects go – building your knowledge will help with future employment!

The best way forward?

Learn something new every day, practice auditing and test.

And don’t forget: You don’t need to be a nerd to learn technical SEO.

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