Technical SEO Consultant: What Do They Actually Do?

Liam Fallen

A Technical SEO consultant is an integral part of modern digital marketing.

They work with a website’s code, content, and design to ensure that it’s fully optimised for search engines.

This blog post will explore what technical SEO consulting is, how it can help your business grow, and some common misconceptions about the role.

What is a technical SEO consultant?

A technical SEO consultant is a person who specialises in the technical optimisation of websites for search engines.

They work with a website to ensure that it meets the best practices set by Google’s guidelines on how pages should be structured for indexing and crawling.

Technical consultants can advise anything from coding errors preventing indexing through broken links and poor user experience that can prevent them from converting into customers; there isn’t much these experts won’t find when it comes to your website.

Where can I find a freelance technical SEO consultant?

You can find freelance technical SEO consultants on sites like Upwork, and

You can also find one in your local area by searching for “technical seo consultant” + the name of a city near where you live (or work), you might also want to ask around at other businesses working with freelancers – many will have recommendations from their own experiences!

How much will it cost to hire a technical SEO consultant?

The cost of hiring a technical SEO consultant can vary greatly depending on the scope and depth.

Generally, you should expect to pay anywhere from $50/hour up to six figures for more complex projects with longer timelines (e-commerce sites or large enterprise websites).

I have an agency. Will a tech SEO consultant be able to help me with some projects?

Yes! Technical SEO consultants can often provide a range of services for agencies, including website audits and consulting.

They can also help with specialised tasks, from fixing broken links to implementing canonical tags for duplicate content issues on your site.

What can I expect from working with a technical SEO consultant?

Technical consultants are often skilled in many areas that may not fall under the umbrella term “technical.”

For example, they might have experience working as an editor at one point.

They may or may not have a degree in marketing or a more analytical discipline.

They could’ve been doing some work behind-the-scenes building websites from scratch because it’s something they enjoy.

You should expect them to bring more than just tech skillsets when collaborating!

Can a consultant help improve the rankings of my website, or will they only enhance my website?

A consultant can help improve your website’s rankings, but they will also work on other aspects that may not be directly related to SEO.

For example, suppose you’re a small business owner who needs an e-commerce site built, and you’re looking for someone with experience in marketing AND web development.

In that case, it might make sense (and save time) by hiring one person instead of two different people!

It’s all about finding what works best given each client’s unique situation.

Will they help me with site migrations and moving my website to a new server?

Yes, this is a common task for technical SEO consultants.

I have received a Google penalty. Can they help my website recover?

A technical SEO consultant can help your website recover from a Google penalty.

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