SEO Powered Development

SEO Powered Development Adventure

“Liam, what on earth is SEO powered development, and why would I need it?”


“Also, Liam, sorry to interrupt but shouldn’t I build my website first and hire an SEO after anyway?”

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Definitely No.

It’s like going shopping, carrying all of your purchases home in your hands and then returning to the shop the next day to grab that carrier bag you forgot.

Why hire a developer and a marketer when you can hire me instead?

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SEO Powered Development Service

SEO Optimized

Your website will be optimized to a very high standard. From the technical foundations to your content at launch, you will hit the ground running and position yourself to compete with the very best in your industry from the get-go. Start with an advantage.

Lightweight codebase

I write code from scratch, and I’m not a copy-paster or someone who knows the basics. I understand each aspect of a codebase. I am comfortable in JavaScript, Ruby, Python, CSS, HTML, CMS platforms and all JAMstack frameworks, including headless CMS.

Pure Power Guaranteed

I guarantee that every website built within my SEO powered development service will score 90+ on all performance testing metrics. I also guarantee that your website will pass all core web vitals criteria. Boost your business and take it up a gear.

Ready for a powerful website?