Do I need a Technical SEO?

Liam Fallen

A question I often get asked is, do I need a Technical SEO?

Most of the time, my response is no.

A few broken links and a couple of slow pages isn’t going to get you penalised. However, if you’re being sold on the benefits based on scare tactics like this, then run.

You don’t need to chase a perfect 100 page speed score, and you can use free tools to find and fix your broken links. Only when you are faced with complex issues should you consider hiring a Technical SEO.

Small websites

Smaller websites with seven pages, 21 blog posts and a landing page that’s unchanged since 1995 doesn’t need tech SEO.

When you have a small website like this, take some time to create a website that you would be happy to use yourself.

Make user-driven decisions that make using your website more accessible.

If you’re worried about a low page speed score, as long as you can achieve a score of over 80, you’ll be okay. 

I tested over 50 small websites and found that a score of 80+ will be enough to satisfy page speed requirements.

You can use these performance scores to give you an idea but don’t obsess over them; they aren’t that important.

What is essential is real-world data. If you have a way to collect that from your users, you’re going to make the best decisions.

Large websites

If you’re a massive business with a complex website and thousands of pages that you’ve forgotten about, then you’re going to need Technical SEO.

Large websites tend to suffer more as they can become too big to maintain, so pages keep getting added over time without much thought.

One of the best improvements for these websites can be removing or repurposing old content; a Tech SEO can help you find all of these pages and assist you in creating a plan of action.

Big businesses tend to hire a consultant or freelancer to support the in house marketing teams and bridge the gap between development and marketing.

Unlike small websites, large websites can be slow to make changes and getting developers on board to support marketing decisions can often be a pain point.

Whether or not you’re a small business or large business, if you need a Technical SEO, ensure you have your development team 100% on board with your decision.

One of the most significant issues preventing progress can be developers moving slowly or not wanting to make changes because it may have a knock-on effect. 

The worst thing that can happen for a business and a tech SEO is when requesting something to be changed or improved, the developers say:

“No, we can’t do that.”

Most of the time, they can. 

If your SEO tells you it needs to be done and makes a good case for it, you should listen to them.

There’s no point waiting six months and asking why there’s been little movement on your rankings when you’ve said no to every suggestion from your tech SEO.

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Liam Fallen is a Google, SEMrush and MOZ certified Technical SEO Consultant with 7+ years of experience in development and marketing which he combines to improve the performance and user experience of his clients' websites like, LeoVegas UK brands and SurferSEO.

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