CMS SEO Adventure

You’ve installed an SEO plugin inside your CMS dashboard, completed the guided setup, clicked a few buttons, and now you’re an SEO guru – congratulations!

If only it was that easy.

What usually happens after is that you wait, and wait, and wait and start to see little to no results.

But don’t worry.

You read online that SEO is a long game and takes 3 to 6 months, so you do what you think is best and…

Cross your fingers for 6 months.

If you’d like to avoid finger-crossing and waiting 6 months to rank for 1 keyword with 5 searches per month and 0 conversions, you can hire me.

CMS SEO illustration

CMS SEO Services

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO goes far beyond installing a plugin and clicking a few buttons. If it were that simple, every website would be ranking for every keyword they target. SEO plugins like Yoast, Rank Math, The SEO framework etc., are great for covering the basics. Still, if you’re looking to get the edge on your competition (probably using the same plugin), you need to look at deeper, more advanced WordPress SEO techniques.

Headless CMS SEO

Headless CMS SEO can be as simple as using some of the most popular content management systems. The website’s backend can be built with any of the most popular CMS, and SEO optimizations can be passed through using webhooks and using tools like React Helmet can make optimising even easier. You don’t have to give up the speed of a Static site generator at the expense of search engine optimizations.

JAMstack SEO

JAMstack websites have a reputation of being difficult to optimize. As with every JS website/application, it’s worth hiring an expert who knows what they are doing to avoid losing rankings. SSG and SSR websites do come with several complexities that do not exist in other CMS platforms, but that’s not to say the solutions have to be complicated. You should, however, always hire someone with experience in JAMstack architecture.

Stop crossing your fingers