Humble Beginnings…

I was once told I would never amount to anything, so I convinced my friend to hire me for an hour in exchange for a Freddo and two Pokemon cards, a small amount at the time but I proved the doubters wrong.

I began life in Leicestershire, or Lesta if you’re cool. As a kid, I attended gifted and talented throughout senior school, where I’d go to school in the summer holidays (Geek, I know) to learn stuff like Japanese, Psychology and Forensics from the age of 11. I also played for a school football team that was unbeaten for 3+ years; I was scouted by Leicester City FC, Nottingham Forest and Derby County and played in the FA Youth Cup.

Liam Fallen
Liam Fallen sunset

No Sh*t Sherlock…

I went on to study Criminology at Sheffield Hallam University, which gave meaning to the phrase “No sh*t Sherlock”. I spent most of my time at university in the library reading books and studying, I was told by my careers advisor to put that on my CV, she told me it would make me look more attractive to employers but that’s what hair wax is for, isn’t it?

Once I was done with university, I decided to go for a two-week holiday to Greece in June, and I ended up staying there until October working in promotions for a popular nightclub.

I got a feel for living abroad, so I bought a backpack and went for a wander, turns out I am quite good at wandering and I have spent the last 10 years living all over the world although I opt for a suitcase and a luxury resort these days.

They see me rolling…

In my spare time, I like to explore my surroundings, depending on which country/city I am in I’ll usually take my camera and take some photos which I sometimes send to clients.

I really enjoy photography and recently became an official Getty Images contributor.

I’m also into cycling and so far in 2021, I’ve cycled over 5000km throughout Europe.

Liam Fallen with Bicycle

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